2 thoughts on “Saturday, November 12, 2022

  1. Hi, Typesters. Would anyone know where the serial number is to be found on a Remington Holiday? There’s a picture on TWDB of a Danish one, but I can’t figure out what part of the machine that is. Mine’s a QWERTY made in Holland, with case made in Italy. It’s notunder the spools, since only the spool-tops are detachable, nor is it by the right shift lock as another source suggested. It’s just possible it doesn’t have a dserial number. Probably 1961. Thanks in advance.

    1. Have you looked on the underside near the case latches at the back? I have a Remington portable where part of the SN is scratched off from repeatedly rubbing against the metal case latch during alignment to fit into the case.

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