3 thoughts on “Tuesday, November 22, 2022

  1. Great video, Joe, on the Triumph Norm 6. Valto! My father taught me, way back in the 70s, to always have a sheet wrapped around the platen – no clippers required, just a bit of sellotape will do. And that’s absolutely true about giving each typer some love. I rotate my 17 typers and only a handful are boxed up. Strange thing: I thought my Olympia SM9 had a bad case of the misalignments but after leaving it in its box for a while, vertically, with the handle side up, until I forgot I’d put it away because of the misalignment, it started working fine again, almost as if the mechanism needed to settle. As you can see, I’m not very technically minded. Good luck with those Toontown dreams!

  2. Dear Joe of ABQ, sorry your are down with the Covid; but sounds like you are up and getting the best care and taking the rest and hydration you need. Surprised to get a such a detailed description of your dream. I am surprised most people don’t type out their dreams on OTP. Not to be done before breakfast; as they might come to pass in reality – a superstition some aunt told me. “Never discuss your dreams before breakfast…” I was told. Anyway, I have enjoyed the solitude of your poetry from a different decade(s) ago. They stand the test of time.

    Tom, great sketch… Leo, hahaha. Men! Women! John, thanks for giving a concise history of the origins of the sun; it might be useful to a poet.

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