4 thoughts on “Wednesday, November 23, 2022

  1. John — A few months ago, you wrote eloquently about Bach’s organ works. I’ve just now gotten around to listening to the Schübler Chorales (BWV 645–650), the organist Nicholas White (not the one you mentioned.) BWV 645 is immediately recognizable as the famous “Sleepers Awake” melody; BWV 648 is angelic and contemplative. This sextet of chorales is looping on my player this morning. Sadly for me, this is a corner of Bach’s oeuvre I don’t often visit.—Tom

    1. Thank you. I finally put my “Pillow Book” thoughts through some typewriters. It was a lovely afternoon. Seven pages, so far, I’ll add one a day. Please feel free to add your own Pillow Book thoughts.
      Thanks again.

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