4 thoughts on “Friday, December 2, 2022

  1. Xicano: Some people block out the outside world with double glazing. I like the sound of rain so much that I leave a ‘rain tapping on the windowpane’ app on all night on a loop – I only switch it off if it really starts to rain. The downside is that the landlord doesn’t want to fix the roof, so sometimes it rains on the writing table.

  2. Tom, congrats on finding a new friend! It’s really cool to stumble upon such a find. Sometimes the tool becomes the inspiration.

    Leo, enquiring minds want to know… how did things go with Paula Gomez on the International Day of Peace? Your strikethrough was casual, rising at the end, with a terminal cross. Was it a blessed event, or did she crucify you?

    1. Hi, Brendan. Didn’t notice the ‘Day of Peace’ till I saw it on OTP today. That was serendipitous. I stole the used diary from a serial killer. I imagine Paula Gomez was a victim he changed his mind about, or that he crossed off as ‘done’. You can never tell with serial killers. Apparently, he also played Scrabble. Ah, yes, now I recall, the Scrabble Killer Murders. He only stopped killing when he ran out of letters…And he had two sets! No, wait, that was one of my dreams…P.G. would have been a student who failed to turn up. As you can see, I was really busy that Septermber week.

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