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  1. Hi, Catalina. I think you mean Scarborough Fair, which is a traditional English ballad going back hundreds of years (Child 2, Roud 12) with many different lyrics added to it depending on use “often using Dorian mode , with refrains resembling ‘parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme’ …”(Don’t ask me what that means!) It’s also known as ‘Elfin Knight’, from 1650. Paul Simon’s version is based on Mark Anderson’s (1874-1953) singing of the melody, (he was a retired lead miner). S & G’s cover version was played approximately a zillion times on my sister’s record player, and maybe a million times by yours truly. And, of course, it’s in that popular film, The Graduate, for which Buck Henry got a screenwriting Oscar despite lifting every single line of dialogue directly from Charles Webb’s all-dialogue novel. I’ve been Covid positive for 9 days, now, so if anything I’ve written here seems pretentious, please blame it on the Covid.

    1. Leo, yes, oh sorry, but thanks for going down the musicological rabbit hole for us on that. The “Dorian mode” is just the common folk minor key. “Greensleeves” is also in the Dorian mode — handed down in the same manner, as the original composition of was 18 verses long and also appeared in a Medieval book, A Handful of Pleasant Delights, in 1584 in the form of A New Courtly Sonnet of the Lady Green Sleeves. A persistent belief that Greensleeves was composed by Henry VIII for his lover and future queen consort Anne Boleyn. Boleyn allegedly rejected King Henry’s attempts to seduce her and this rejection may be referred to in the song when the writer’s love “cast me off discourteously” None the less, Leo, feel better recovering from Covid. Rest. Get re-wound. Love to you.

    1. I’m home again with a cough(COVID? Proly not? But who knows, I haven’t tested this time). So Leo, and all, if anything I write here seems dumb…blame the illness…and a little on the tequila… necessary for a Mexican with a cough 😂.

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