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  1. Hi, Catalina. Your piece about begging with babies reminded me of something I read in Joy Sorman’s “Paris Gare du Nord”. She spent a week living in the station to write a book about it. Someone who had been watching the passengers come and go on the screens for twenty-one years saw “une jeune femme faisant la manche. Puis il l’a vue enceinte. Puis il l’a vu mendier avec son bebe. Aujourd’hui le bebe a vingt ans. C’est un garcon et il mendie a son tour. ” My rough translation: “…a young woman begging. Then he saw her pregnant. Then he saw her begging with her baby. Today the baby is twenty years old. He’s a boy, and he’s begging in his turn.”

    1. Hi Leo, as I searched quite a bit on line I found similar stories, videos, news interest stories from New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Reporters following groups of the women with babies. The “begging with a baby” phenomenon seems to be widespread in large urban cities. Although it is not criminal to “beg” it does seem to be child endangerment which is criminal. Sad.

      1. I saw this happen once in Mesa AZ, early in the day approaching triple digit heat; (presumably) the mother with a baby in a stroller. She was there 2 days in a row at the same time that I saw, with a sign that said she needed to get a hotel room for the night. I gave her $5 and was able to see a squiggly sweaty baby with a bottle of water. I’ll never forget it. At the time I thought, “sincere or not, it’s not for me to judge. When she gets what she needs they will get out of the heat.”

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