2 thoughts on “Wednesday, December 14, 2022

  1. Hi, Xicano. Yes, you’re not wrong about the capitalists and the middle classes. In the UK, the upper classes and the working classes have a common hatred: the middle classes. But there’s no virtue in being poor. And you can’t get anything done, I mean, in this country at least, absolutely nothing gets done by the poor. How can you get anything done when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from? When your main focus is not to go hungry and have a roof over your head? Most change for the better is actually brought about by the middle classes. But emotionally I’m with you. I’ve never trusted any able-bodied person who had a servant, be it a gardener or an au pair. “You do the heavy lifting while we get on with the important things…” seems to be what they’re saying. The Spanish Civil War (the indirect cause for my being born British) was a war of the extremely rich (the latifundistas) against the majority, the dirt-poor. The rich won. And the middle classes, such as they were, benefited. C***s! Growing up, I often wondered what ‘class’ I was. The first answer I came up with was: foreign.Now, because I speak well with an RP accent, but far from posh, I would be labelled middle class. Yet my bank account rarely exceeds three figures. I own no property. I have no pension. I only keep books I haven’t read, or of sentimental value, or to be read again. I have eighteen typewriters. And I’m a fucking poet. So I’m actually one of the wealthiest people I know.

  2. Xicano, Very well said.
    I especially like your written note at the top about books.

    I always like reading what you write. The perspective of life from your point of view is what everyone needs to read. Maybe that would make a better world and get us all working together.

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