11 thoughts on “Saturday, December 17, 2022

    1. Leo, We sing of ‘Peace’ at this time of year; but we must know, remember, there is great deal of warpage globally.

  1. In Sacramento. Emotional Friday and Saturday. I wish I would have brought a typer. I have things weighing heavy.

    1. Xicano, hope you can hold the emotions in your heart – to type up in flashes later. Sometimes the smallest of things sparks a huge memory.

  2. Hi Mr Xicano Warrior, It’s hard to be without a typewriter when you really need one. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found one that was ready to type with ribbon in it using Facebook market place – located walking distance down the road from my hotel. And 100 NZD (which is not too bad as things go.) And, hey, I’m too stressed to eat, so I’m saving money there 🙂 The other typers saw I saw were too far away and/or too old and in need of reconditioning before they would work.

  3. I wrote a page. The page got wet.
    They told me once that it was ok to cry…and then it seems they took it back.

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