2 thoughts on “Friday, December 23, 2022

  1. Hi, Xicano. As a fellow hater of the festive season, I tried to have some fun by giving my 8-and-a-half -year-old great-niece nothing but a card (I told her I couldn’t afford an envelope) upon which I’d typed:

    While you hold this in your hand
    I hope you understand
    That times are hard
    So all I got you was this card

    She didn’t look too happy but obeyed her mother when told: Now go and kiss your great uncle.

    Later, I gave her her real present, saying I didn’t know what to get her, so it was money. She said; “Is it £200?”
    Blimey! I said. “No. It’s £40.” (And that’s already too much.) She actually has more money than me, just doesn’t know it.

    Christmas is a crock. One of the most successful capitalist cons of all time.

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