3 thoughts on “Thursday, December 29, 2022

  1. Xicano, so sad to hear of the neigborhood cats. Is it a coincidence, this is the memorial day of the Holy Innocents day? Children of the world suffer. Cats. The helpless. Lord have mercy. Santa Maria ora pro nobis; ruega por nosotros.

  2. Hi, Xicano. In the early 80s I shared a flat with two friends, and two cats, Lou and Iggy. They were kittens and would sometimes hide in the back of the oven because it was warm. But they also liked to play in the neighbour’s garden. She complained that they were destroying her plants. Lou disappeared soon after. Iggy survived to live in another home. Another cat I once owned, Drusilla, came to me and my girlfriend of the time when she was about eighteen months. It was weeks before she stopped hiding under the bed. The previous owner used to put a lit cigarette to her nose. There are some evil shits out there who take it out on animals.But what can we do? Drusilla died before her time because she had a weak heart.

  3. I know Leo. What can we do about the wicked who do harm to the innocent? I can not pretend to be able to answer that. But maybe an OTP can help with the pain. Gracias to you and Catalina for at least acknowledging the pain. I write regardless of any mention of my page here but sometimes that’s the comfort that we seek and need. Again, gracias Amigo’s.

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