13 thoughts on “Tuesday, January 3, 2023

  1. Smith Corona Galaxie 12: I love the line: “How can a bone heal in six weeks, and a comment that bruises linger for years wthout healing?” An ex-con alcoholic manic depressive with huge hands once started strangling me, until his wife (who was also his sister) made him stop; I’ve been punched in the face and kicked in the crotch more times than I can remember. (It’s not easy, being a poet!) And I can shrug those things aside, grist for the mill. But there are throwaway insults made decades ago that still keep me awake some nights, burning with hurt and resentment. Things that hurt so much I can’t even put them on paper or talk about them but that others would consider trivial, even childish. And usually by people we love.

  2. Catalina, happy birthday dear friend. Welcome to the seasoned club. I agree that it was a challenge to pick my favorite OTP because I loved them all. Some brought me to tears but overall I was overcome because of how much OTP has given to me. It brought me out of depression and has made the last few years great. I never had close friends who accepted me as I am but this group did. I also hope it continues and we can’t thank Daniel enough for this gift. I plan to come visit you (watch a ballgame you are in) in 2023.

    1. Linda, would love to meet with you in the Bay Area – to watch us at Senior Softball – or take in an MLB Oakland A’s or San Francisco Giants game.

  3. Xicano, I like to leave comments so those who write know I read their writing. Sometimes I read and don’t comment. Great pages, yes. Keep them. Read them in the future. Look back and you’ll see they are great.
    Happy Birthday Catalina!
    Great writing prompts Tori.

  4. Happy birthday, Catalina! A family we know has two daughters born on New Year’s Day, two years apart. The oldest was the first child born at Sutter Hospital in the new year. The youngest arrived in the afternoon. Both cost their parents a prior-year tax deduction by *hours*.

    Cheers and best wishes to all in 2023!

    1. Sorry about that — posted my (now old) WordPress password in place of my name.

      Good opportunity for a password refresh to start the new year.

  5. Leo Madigow, I’m blown away! Thank you. Your deeply honest feedback means a lot to me. I’m so glad that resonated with you. scg12

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