4 thoughts on “Wednesday, January 4, 2023

  1. Finished up my writing tonight saying it hadn’t rained yet. It just started at 11pm here😊. Pineapple Express?

  2. W.G. The past week of pages from _Caroline Says_ have been riveting! Worked in the Olympias and all.
    You Olympianista!

  3. LaDonna, I’m not an expert, but I understand Van (white) cats originated near the Lake Van area of the Armenian Highlands in Turkey. We have had two different Japanese bobtails, Rashii, a ‘mike” 3 colored cat with a blue and a yellow eye. Tinko, was white with what Japanese bobtail experts described as a “Van” with “points” of either black or red. Tinko had red points near his ears. I bet Wuffle and Rushi share that Armenian DNA.

  4. Thank you, Catalina! I’m giving Franco his head, in a manner of speaking, and moving in a more experimental direction with him. It’s great to know someone enjoyed those pages.

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