2 thoughts on “Thursday, January 5, 2023

  1. Linda, your resolve is amazing, and a great attitude to have in the face of something that you otherwise can’t affect. Best wishes in conquering this round, as you have the others!

  2. Xicano, as for the violence of the NFL; it’s like a military industrial complex. Does the NFL have shareholders?
    No, the NFL, after all, isn’t a private company. It’s a glamorized trade association, financially supported by its 32 members. It’s an exclusive club of 32 owners who get to split $100 Billion in revenue annually after expenses are paid. I think the Green Bay Packers is the only team that has shareholders – a fan base. NFL is all about ratings and profit. The players are expendable, even the $50 million salaries, are not guaranteed in the event of injury, Hamblin is not yet vested (required 3 years and 3 games) to receive healthcare benefits when he retires from football. I pray for him and his family. But, something is not right in the economics of sports violence we proliferate.

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