7 thoughts on “Friday, January 6, 2023

  1. 1935 Smith Corona, wow you described me to a tee. I am always happy but a few words from someone can ruin it so I clam up and go back to my space and music. The Manhattan Transfer Brasil does it for me every day. So happy listening to it and reading OTP!

    1. Thank you for your comment Linda! Appreciate you sharing your music choice too, and will definitely check out Brasil. (1935sc)

  2. Tori, as you can imagine my life consists of movies, tv, and books. I’ll make it short but will send more soon. Movies Good Luck to You, Leo Grande with Emma Thompson in her best role! Hello My Name is Doris with Sally Field. Series – Good Behavior (2 seasons) – the reason I love wigs. Subscribe to free newsletter The Marginalian. The recent recap of 2022 articles is worth your time.

  3. Tori, forgot authors I love, right now am into Cleo Wade and just bought Heart Talk. Also recommend every book by Natalie Goldberg. Just read her recent book about having cancer and it was wonderful.

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