4 thoughts on “Saturday, January 7, 2023

  1. David in NY – welcome to this happy bunch of people who love to share their love of typewriters, dreams for the future, sad times, politics, and hope for the future. I would recommend buying ribbons from Ribbons Unlimited.com or call Lanie at 800-250-7426. I didn’t realize with my first typewriter that the ribbon would rewind. Wasted a few new ribbons. I also bought several vintage ones still wrapped on ebay and they all worked just great. Be sure to read Best of at the top. Also submit a quote to One Quote and follow on Instagram.

  2. Welcome to OTP, David! It might interest you to know that at least one OTP’er on these pages has received a personal typewritten letter from Tom Hanks!

  3. Thank you all for the warm welcome!

    Linda – I’ll check them out, thank you! The attributes you’ve mentioned here were a major draw to this space for me. 🙂

    Leo – Oh I wouldn’t sniff at a letter from Hanx, by any means; I’ve bought his typewriter tales and his new novel. I admire him (and his acting) dearly. I only mean his appearance was a surprise to me, rather than a draw to view the film. It was the first time I learned he was a type-writer. I don’t think I’ve listened to a single song of Mayer’s, but his talking head spoke volumes for me.

    Daniel – Between you and me, I’m a sucker for anything referred to as “Legendary” or “Luxurious” – I haven’t yet figured out what the deeper impulse is in me, but! Its color SEDUCES me. Pair that with an absurdly good price, dynamic curves, and key action that’s like buttah *chef’s kiss*

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