3 thoughts on “Tuesday, January 17, 2023

  1. Adam: There’s a saying in Spanish (actually two, with the same meaning): El tiempo no pasa, somos nosotros que pasamos por el tiempo. Time doesn’t pass, it’s us who pass through time. And: La vida no pasa, pasamos nosotros. Life doesn’t go by, it’s us who go by. (I’ve translated literally.)

    Coincidentally, in the ‘great minds think alike/fools never differ’ department, my next submission (#538, written on 10/01/23) was also based on a dream, and featured the lines:

    …about a man who
    travels in time
    (which defines all men and
    women, come to think of it)

    Dreams might be a case of
    travelling outside of time…

    but the rest of #538 isn’t all that interesting, so I’ll file it away.

    And I think we’ve all had the dream where someone tells us that everything that happens in ‘real life’ is actually the dream, and what happens in dreams is the reality. I’m still waiting for more evidence on that one.

  2. Thanks, Catalina! Incidentally, I love the typeface in your postings and its “character.” Wish I could get mine to look that way. But every typewriter is different and that’s why we love them!

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