4 thoughts on “Wednesday, January 18, 2023

  1. Catalina, I love your riffs on William Carlos Williams; takes me back to my salad days when I thought being an English major was a wise investment.

  2. Thanks for reading Brendan. I love that William Carlos William poem, have taught with the poem to children and young adults alike, and it is beloved. I’m thinking lately that it does beg the question, “Does poetry matter?” We take a poem into the world with us. It changes. It changes us. Things are always changing. In the same way, I might take the Cervantes novel _Don Quixote_ into the world with me, and the reading can change each time, from when I first read it in English translation at age 22 – to now at this age. I’ve typed many times on OTP that poetry isn’t lucrative! But, I have found ways around it. Love of literature and writing will always make for a rich life.

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