5 thoughts on “Monday, January 23, 2023

  1. Klein Continental: I have one of those Wanderer Werke Klein Continentals, I think mine is from 1936, made in Saxony. I used it the other day for a short story that will appear here soon, after not using it for a while. I always have to re-remember where the tiny knob-thing is for extending the line. Mine is QWERTY. Always a joy to use. One of my friends, who has seen most of my typers, said it looked like the Rolls Royce of typers.

    I think there’s always a dialogue, once you start typing. Somewhere between the fingers touching the keys, and the keys striking the vibrator; somewhere between the first letter touched on the keyboard and the next, the synapses convert the voids into thoughts that can only be expressed with words, in that tactile exchange with the machine. How I do go on.

  2. Tori: I agree that Midjourney is the best for AI art. Thanks for the tip on Lexica.

    Whatever the dangers and pitfalls of AI art, it is here now, and it can serve as a stimulating tool. I think those typewriters you generated could inspire an industrial designer. The great typewriters of the 21st century (yes, I increasingly believe they will exist!) will depend on AI to help us create some amazing shapes—not just designing them but 3D printing them, too.

  3. Leo, Hello and thanks for your comment regarding the Continental. It is SUCH a good writing machine; Truly a Rolls Royce and always an enjoyable experience. I recently picked up an Olympia Traveller de Luxe S and love it in just about every way possible (another machine we may have in common). As crazy as it may sound, I truly believe the typewriters pick us!

    1. Hi, Noah. Good guess: I picked up my 5th Traveller de Luxe on Saturday, making the 5 Travellers I own 25% of my 20-strong typer collection. From 1986, it’s the baby in my collection; the Wanderer Werke Klein Continental from 1936 is the granddaddy (or grandma – I baulk at genderising them). I think they made about half a million of these smooth writers; they turn up almost every day on Ebay, at often very reasonable prices, unless painted yellow or orange or green, when they slap on another £100. I paid £14 for the perfect one I picked up on Saturday. I have one with a Spanish keyboard, a cursive, two elites and a pica – two have the octothorp (I’m tired of calling it ‘hash key’) and the rest don’t. Nice to hear from you!

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