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  1. Tag in CA: I have never sold herbal tea, and I have no idea what ‘scraping’ a website entails, nor do I have a website of any kind, nor have I ever had one. Your “someone in the UK (perhaps Leo?” frankly baffles me.

  2. Erratum: The line in Unrequited beginning , “Despite her keen eye for detail…” should read “…Allegra had never noticed this…” not “Alexis”.

    1. Loe, Your story reminds me of OTP writer Frances, who typed of having a “sartorial” disaster day. I had to consult the dictionary.

      1. Hi, Catalina. Speaking of dictionaries, they come up quite a bit in the next few pages of Unrequited since it’s the kind of dystopia where the book has to be constantly rewritten, to remove words like ‘bible’ and ‘country’ etc. Although, theoretically, that does go on all the time in chirographic/typographic societies. (And, yeah, I didn’t learn the word ‘chirographic’ until mid-January. I liked it enough to use it in #546.)

    1. Hi, Xicano. I wonder if we’re talking about the same kind of tea…A local shop sells a dark chocolate called ‘Cannabis’…and although I’ve had not so much as a cigarette since giving up nicotine in 2005 (and the booze in 2000) I thought I’d give this ‘organic…with hemp proteins…’ bar a try. And I did get a bit of a buzz on a tiny piece of chocolate. The next day I had a bigger piece and had to stop what I was doing (writing). A 90 g bar costs about £2.50, but cheap at the price! I bought three more bars…erm…in the spirit of research…

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