3 thoughts on “Saturday, February 4, 2023

  1. Joe — Oh my, I was just writing yesterday about how purty the light is…and I think I’ve felt that considerations of optics and astronomy and the concomitant quantification would somehow be anathema to “just seeing.” Now I’m not so sure; I do feel tempted to apply those calculations to some vivid summer memories 🙂

  2. Tag in CA, I understand your struggle with food. Mine is the opposite since my diagnosis of Crohn’s disease over 50 years ago. I struggle to eat and not have instant pain. The one idea I would suggest is buying Carnation Instant Breakfast. It comes in vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. Has all the vitamins and nutrients you need to give you energy. I drink one every morning for breakfast. Add one cup of your favorite milk. Let me know if it keeps you satisfied till lunch. It comes in packages or a canister you scoop out. Some days I have one evening and morning and that’s it. My gut thanks me.

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