9 thoughts on “Wednesday, February 8, 2023

  1. Welcome to OTP, Olivetti Class Lettera 26. (I’ve never seen a 26.) Getting a typewriter again, after a break of 30 years, got me writing seriously again. There’s a genie in that Olivetti waiting for you to release it. (But you might be able to resist buying another 20 typewriters, unlike Yrs Truly. Maybe…)

  2. Welcome, “First Time” (and second!). Your experience is not unique; in fact, it seems like the norm for most writers — the initial youthful burst of creativity, firmly interrupted by, well, life.

    That you’ve re-started that engine and are posting on OTP is a testament to your resilience. Keep it up!

  3. First (and second) time Olivetti user, welcome! I hope you give yourself permission to let go of the fretting over typos (ingrained in us by school teachers and Bill Gates) and let the machine become “transparent” to your words. We don’t mind typos! Letting your inner thoughts become liberated via mechanical printing direct to paper is a unique experience.

  4. Hi all! Thank you so much for the comments & encouragement!! So helpful! No need to tell you all how much it means to get encouragement from the writing community. And yes, I had it wrong. I have a Olivetti Class. I have seen the Class models referred to as Lettera 27, but I’m early on the learning curve. Any help much appreciated. Catalina, sounds like you may be in the know-

      1. Welcome aboard Bill! That one Catalina showed looks similar to these Lettera 31s, or the Olivetti Dora.

  5. Thanks for the welcome Mike! And Catalina, thanks for the update: guess what…that typewriter you found and gave the link for…is mine! It’s the one I bought on ETSY from seller Bic Bauc! Gotta love that! Small typewriter world. It’s performing beautifully. I’ll have another page in soon…

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