10 thoughts on “Thursday, March 2, 2023

  1. David Frazier,
    Perelman is one of my favorite humorists. Two of his best subjects were: the one in “No Starch in the Dhoti” (no spoilers here) and the advertising world’s pretensions to high art. In “Genuflection in the Sun” from 1953, a fanboy visits Willard Inchcape, the writer of inspiring ad copy for soda fountain treats, and is graced with a preview of his latest panegyrics for Mother Stentorian’s Fish Kebabs. As a bonus, his descriptions of the environs of La La Land show that not much has changed in 70 years.

  2. Douglas E.,
    Thank you for your tip on Perelman — I will check out “Genuflection …”. If you like Perelmanish humor, consider adding to your library “Laughing Matter” ed. Gene Shalit (sadly, out of print; available used). This anthology includes pearls by Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley, Fran Lebowitz, E.B. White, Casey Stengel (!), Abbot and Costollo, Ring Lardner, James Thurber, etc., etc. A good read! — David Frazier

  3. Houtexdavid,
    Thanks for *your* tip. I will look for that book. Practically all of my favorite humorists are represented, with the exception of Jean Kerr. If you aren’t familiar with it already, I recommend “The Most of S.J. Perelman” from 1958. Probably the most complete compilation of his best stuff.

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