5 thoughts on “Friday, March 3, 2023

  1. Tag, yesterday made a year since my wife passed after sharing 60 years. I’m sharing some of those experiences you’ve addressed. We seem to adjust to our loss rather than totally recover.

  2. Scott,
    Seems like a lot of us are dealing with significant losses and writing about them. I lost a good friend about a year ago…not the same as a spouse or close relative, I guess, but I found this loss to be really poignant and the sadness continues. But it does seem to get better as time goes on.

  3. Hi, Scott. An interesting book, mentioned in Polt’s master tome, is Scott Shad’s TYPEWRITERS FOR WRITERS, which has more than a 1000 pages and more than a 1000 photos, though it deals with only about 100 typers, gives Olivettis very short shrift and doesn’t even mention 2 of the best Olympias: SM8/9; but it’s fun, and full of interesting tidbits. I’ve now reached the Remington section.

  4. Ola, amigo Scott. Just thought I would share a bird update and the Channel crossing. We had a crossbill on our crossing from La Havre, France to Edinburgh, Scotland back in 2013. The Ornithologist PhD was amused as well.

    Nice to see you typing again, maybe I will get back to it as well.

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