7 thoughts on “Saturday, March 4, 2023

  1. Missing our daily dose of Caroline Says. After 600+ pages you deserve a few days off from time to time.

    I’m of two minds on that story. I can’t wait to find out what happened to Mr. Lawrence and the others. On the other hand I don’t want the story to end. It has been such a pleasure to read. Thank you, W.G. for keeping us in suspense!

  2. Leo, yes,Rest in Peace maestro Wayne Shorter. Love the image in your poem “…a newspaper instead of a music sheet on your stand…” and all that jazz.

  3. Hi, Mike in Virginia. Your words about ‘Caroline Says’ are music to my ears.I’m never sure if anyone’s still reading it!

    I’ve got several writing projects on the go, and some of my other stories were being neglected, so I started a rotation system to devote an equal amount of time to each one. This means ‘Caroline’ would probably not appear daily but certainly every week. ‘Caroline’ was actually 5th in my writing queue today but after reading your comment ‘the afflatus was upon me’ and I knocked out another 5 pages this evening, which might be some kind of personal record.

    As for reaching the end, don’t worry, after Part 3, there’s still Part 4 to come, which has its own title (The Three Muse-keteers), and resolves every plotline but one. (In a moment of hubris, I even made notes and started a sequel: Maggie Says…)

    Assuming, of course, that I don’t get hit by a bus or poisoned by Putin and that the world doesn’t end on Thursday…

  4. W.G.: Daily reader of Caroline Says here too, loving it. Sue Grafton is gone, so I’m having to re-read her novels (which I am doing right now), but I enjoy watching the world of the Muses still unfolding. Even when it creeps me out. I think I still dream of the recent rescue/revenge escapade/debacle.
    Leo: I liked the rhythmic and sentimental Shorter poem. Thanks.

    1. Hi, Rose in Colorado. So glad you’re still reading. Certainly didn’t intend to give you bad dreams. (After you wrote about Caroline in the comments the last time, I started using rose-coloured pages for a while, sort of an in-joke, but the scans don’t show the original colours of the paper I use.) Yes, the violent rescue was an act of love. Another act of violence, which will end Part 3, is also an even more indirect and complex expression of love, but I don’t know if I’ll have succeeded in conveying this. The characters have been chattering in my head most of the day but I only got about three lines down on paper. A Helmore episode bugged me all the way to the supermarket; I had to tell myself, “Shut up! I just want to do the shopping now!” But I’m not complaining. It’s better than “writer’s bollock”, or whatever it’s called.

  5. … especially knowing the violent rescue was an expression of love (probably) from someone who is incapable of speaking it. Haunting.

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