5 thoughts on “Monday, March 6, 2023

  1. Douglas E., I enjoyed your comments re “The Road Less Traveled”. It is indeed much more interesting (albeit, sometimes frustrating) to travel via secondary roads, eschewing the truck-clogged interstates. A few years ago, I had bought a new car and, wanting to row the gears on the back roads, took off on state highways and Farm-To-Market roads from Houston to Amarillo. It turned a nine hour trip into a twelve and one-half hour trip, but was much more memorable. (Texas is a BIG state — Texas trivia: El Paso, TX is closer to San Diego, CA than it is to Houston, TX!)

    As you found on your drive, the small towns can be very interesting. I would drive through what looked like a washed-up, dying town with abandoned storefronts and few signs of happy life only to later pass through a vibrant-looking small town, seemingly full of civic pride and well-kept shops and parks. Such a contrast!

    I’ve traveled lots of interstate miles, few of which I remember, but somehow, the back road leisurely drives are firmly furrowed into my brain, “ … and that has made all the difference.” (P.S., I’m sensing a One Typed Page treatise stirring in my mind about the back roads of Texas.)

  2. ’55 Royal Quiet: You just need to stand up in front of a T. A. audience (Typers Anonymous), as I once did, and say, “My name is Leo Madigow, and I’m a Typerholic…” Recognising the problem is part of the solution. Don’t forget the twelve steps: Olivetti, More Olivetti, Some Olympias, More Olympias, A Royal Quiet De Luxe…I’m down to just 20 typers. Thanks to group support, I can go hours without typing. Especially if I’m asleep.

  3. Tori, I’m sorry to hear about your recent trials. They do seem to come in bunches. Keep your head and your spirits up and do keep typing. It is real therapy.

  4. Tori. That is heartbreaking. I don’t know what to say. I have so much to say. I feel things.
    On the other side I love today’s submissions. You guys are artists all. I will always call you typesters but that is just my slang for writers. Keep typing…it is therapy as Mr. Murphy states.

  5. David F., Thank you. Please do write about the back roads of Texas…I’d love to read it and I’m sure that others here would too.

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