7 thoughts on “Wednesday, March 8, 2023

  1. David, great finale to the “No Espresso…” series. London’s last self-deprecating but equally vicious zinger is perfection!

  2. David,
    Nice work, and you’ve got me reading my Perelman again. Do you enjoy the ridiculous names he comes up with as much as I do? Cass Register…Lucas Membrane…and even worse…Kitty Entrail (ewww). After almost 50 years, that one still makes me laugh. I guess I’m a sick puppy.

    1. Douglas E.: Perelman is probably second to only P.G. Wodehouse in silly names — Wooster, “Beefy” Anstrother, “Gussie” Finknottle, Tuppy Glossop, Roderick Spode, etc. Jeeves and Wooster books are almost worth reading for the names alone!

      The wry and acerbic wit of the old comic masters (such as Perelman) is unmatched, in my opinion.


  3. Hi, Signature S11. I’m reading a novel called “Anniversaries” by Uwe Johnson, in a new translation by Damion Searls for NYRB, which has 366 chapters, beginning in August 67, one chapter for every day of the year. (1968 was a leap year.) The story is about a German woman transposed to New York with her 10-year-old daughter but each chapter begins with the headlines from the stories in The New York Times, which she reads religiously: Vietnam, police brutality, horrific murders. Oddly enough, in this 1700-page novel written with painstaking detail, based on the experience of a real New Yorker, the typewriter the girl uses for her homework is never described beyond the word ‘typewriter’. They must have been so prevalent that they were invisible. Maybe it was a Signature S11…who knows?

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