11 thoughts on “Thursday, March 9, 2023

  1. BGT:
    There’s a great poem by John Berryman, in “The Heart Is Strange” that begins:

    Good words & irreplaceable: serenade, schadenfreude
    angst & malheur, we need them, we bow to them:
    what raving genius
    in our past coined such wisdom? I cannot know.

  2. BGT: Your piece on schadenfreude hits too close for comfort! Reminds me of a favorite quote: “In the misfortune of our best friends, we always find something which is not displeasing to us.” — Duc de la Rochefoucauld

  3. W.G. Your page today reminds me of the basic concept of the Hot and Cold game. Very simply: you hide an object, your child looks for it, and you use temperature words to tell them if they are moving towards the object (getting warmer) or away from it (getting colder).

  4. David F.,
    Your mention of the Gulfstream I having Rolls-Royce engines gave me a little anticipatory thrill. I looked up the details on the plane and saw that, sure enough, it was equipped with Rolls-Royce Dart turboprop engines. My favorite passenger plane in my youth, the Fairchild FH-227, was equipped with the same engines. They had a characteristic whistling, whirling sound that made every part of the flight exciting for an 8-year-old. We lived a few miles from the airport and I can still remember the sound of those Fairchilds circling in for a landing. Ah, memories!

    1. Hi, Catalina. My great-niece likes me to disassemble my Russian doll and hide each part around the dining room, preferably with sweets or money inside, and then we play “Hot…hotter…cold…freezing…hot again, burning hot, now…Found it!”

    2. Douglas E.: The G1 was (from what the pilots told me) a good aircraft that the pilots liked to fly. My employer had two in the corporate fleet at the time that I was commuting between offices. I experienced a few seat-clenching moments (as a passenger) during my commuting days — perhaps there is another OTP dispatched coming to mind!

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