6 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 14, 2023

  1. Ruban Wolfgang (harpsichord) writes in his biography, that one of his earliest teachers, Prof. Helmut Walcha was “most concerned that the student would become more aware of the art of polyphony by having to sing the inner voices while playing for this blind teacher. I recommend it now highly.” Ha! playing the keyboard and singing the alto or tenor part!

  2. Tag and LaDonna,
    By their actions, the students at Stanford are helping to ensure that the viewpoints represented by the judge will not be debated, will go underground, and will probably become more pervasive and extreme. Is this what they want?

  3. W.G.,
    Doesn’t surprise me. Like so much going on today, it’s a textbook example of schismogenesis. Seems like few see what’s going on, because they’re inside of it.

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