7 thoughts on “Thursday, March 16, 2023

  1. David F., Thanks for starting this series. Keep ’em coming! Where in NY do you live? I’m less than 25 miles from where my Corona Silent was made.

    1. Hi, Douglas E. I live in Manhattan, am frequently in Newport, RI, and less frequently in Houston, TX. I do most of my driving on country roads in Texas, although I’m learning my way around RI. (I have no desire to drive in Manhattan!)

  2. Hope your Hermes Baby can be brought back to life. They are neat little typewriters.

    Ferrick, Congratulations on the new SM-9. I found one in a thrift shop the summer before the Corona virus. Wonderful typer.

  3. To Disappointed on board the Hermes Rocket: What a bummer to receive a broken-down machine. However, it seems as if you have a lot of pluck and will right the wrong and get that Rocket flying again! Best of luck… David Frazier

  4. The Rocket may have to become a “parts” machine. The comb is badly damaged, which is pretty much fatal. That’s in addition to about five or six other broken parts, and the missing key, and the broken platen knob, and the general lack of function. But even if that fate awaits it, it will die heroically, having donated its best parts to save other Hermes Baby/Rocket/Featherlight typewriters.

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