Thursday, March 23, 2023

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In case you missed it, I know I did, One Typed Page’s THIRD YEAR ANNIVERSARY was a couple days ago. What started as one typed page has grown to over 12,000 pages from around the world. Amazing! Thanks to all who’ve participated in this journey.

This past year saw some changes with how we manage One Typed Page. We replaced email attachments (cumbersome!) with an upload form and created an email address so the curator can respond to questions and issues.

These improvements along with our annual hosting package means we need to pay some good folks to provide all the doo-dads, widgets and plug-ins needed to make everything run smoothly.

If we all chip in I’m sure we can make our goal of $285 USD.

To make a donation, please visit:

Thank you!
Daniel Marleau

2 thoughts on “Thursday, March 23, 2023

  1. I’m green with envy, Benjamin. Cursives turn up all the time but proper italic typers are hard to come by, and it’s an Olympia SM9 to boot!

    I’m picking up an Olympia 1000 on Saturday. Nothing whatsoever on the TWDB and no mention of them on the internet or any of my books. Bought it cheap on Ebay, and another sold for £50. Anybody familiar with them? I’m guessing very late Olympia.

    1. Benjamin, I second Leo’s envy. That is some beautiful italics.

      I’m tempted to add one to my collection, reserved solely to denote a character’s innermost thoughts, revealed to the reader but otherwise suppressed. (Like most of what goes on in my head every day.)

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