10 thoughts on “Friday, March 31, 2023

  1. Tag and JoeVC,
    Both of your pages resonate with me today. This is the first anniversary of the last I heard from a good buddy before he was found dead in his apartment by his sister and brother-in-law 10 days later. I feared it was suicide, but was told he died of natural causes. I’m not sure I believe it, but I’ll never know for sure.

    1. Douglas, sorry to hear of that sad loss of a buddy. But, glad that the typing of typlings “resonate” in your current life to commemorate you friend.

  2. Roger,
    It’s funny…my point of view is very different from his, but I’ve used the same words.

  3. Douglas E., I understand. I imagine we all have at times. But constant disparagement is another matter.

  4. Roger,
    Seems to imply a breakdown of the social contract, doesn’t it? (To be fair, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a similar breakdown on the other side of the binary.)

  5. Douglas E.,
    People often think the government isn’t keeping its end of the bargain in some way or another. Hardly reason to scrap the thing or hope for its collapse.

  6. Roger,
    Agreed. I think that many will later regret throwing out the baby (classical liberalism or even Western civilization itself) out with the bathwater.

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