11 thoughts on “Saturday, April 1, 2023

  1. Strangling can happen in a snap, as in a hanging, or via a lifetime of dealing with the effects of white supremacy as you so easily and freely wield at every turn. Jeez. Incredible, Roger.

  2. I’m not that international. I’ll just say f, do you really need to be bottle-fed piss and vinegar? Type it out my brother racist troll. It’s no secret anymore. Type it out. Heal yourself.

  3. You got me. I’m out of here. Sergio Leone music by Ennio Marcone. Greatest Western Music of all Time. Sleep well amigos.

  4. Que hora es mi Corazon? Me gustas tu. Manu Chao. Good sounds👍🏾. Stay good mi Gente.

  5. If we don’t look out, the real lynching victim may be what we used to call “civilization”, with its concomitant benefits such as free speech, the rule of law, science, running water, social and economic mobility…

    1. Everything you mention has a double standard. Minorities get the toxic land, poisoned water, the systemic inequality in the justice system, the red-lining real estate and inadequate home appraisals-affecting upward mobility and generational wealth. Folks are still being harmed because of the color of their skin-by design. Nothing is equal and very little is fair in our past and current civilization. I can read about Xicano’s feelings without taking it personal as I understand these facts and his us of strong language to express concepts.

      1. LaDonna,
        I understand where you’re coming from about inequalities (and inequities) in our society. I’m just concerned that the application of double standards when dealing with injustice won’t solve anything; it will only increase hatred and division and lead us to another civil war.

  6. A civil war? Over race? not really good people on both sides of that argument. Thanks for showing who you are. I will remember.

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