3 thoughts on “Monday, May 8, 2023

  1. Hi, Catalina. Yes, one of the many interesting things in Kristen Ghodsee’s “Cold War Keys” is the fact that typewriters made in Soviet factories, like the Unis Traveller de Luxes which were ostensibly Olympia, or a Remington, or a Royal, or some other North American make, were routinely mislabelled as Made in USA or some other non-Soviet country to increase sales. One of my characters, Erica Darrow, is named after the Daro Erika, of course. And I made up an anti-US Eastern European spy network where all the agents are named after Soviet typewriters, but that was two or three thousand paragraphs ago…

  2. Luke, I changed careers after working in auto shops for 25 years- oh the language and measurement euphemisms I’d hear and sometimes repeat myself- it’s like another language made of and for the garage! I changed careers over a weekend break and just kept my mouth shut for fear of the wrong language escaping.

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