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  1. John Baird: Your entry re the Stone of Scone was most interesting. I don’t know as much about Scottish history as I should (my ancestry is 40% Scot per the DNA gurus — House of Fraser?). Your post expounded on the fact that the Scots have suffered many indignities from the English over the centuries (going much further beyond the refusal of shopkeepers in London to accept the Bank of Scotland pound notes I acquired in Aberdeen!)

    Thanks again for your informative post.

    David Frazier

    1. David: While the Scots endured many indignities from the English, they saved their worst for the Irish. The actions (and inaction) of Charles Trevelyan in response to the potato blight (which affected Scotland as well) resulted in the deaths of close to a million Irish, while several million others emigrated, including both sides of my father’s family. My American citizenship was a direct result of those atrocities, so I guess I should count my blessings.

      1. Brendan, Very true re the Irish. My wife is a native of Northern Ireland, the daughter of a “house divided” (father Catholic, mother Protestant, meaning no one in Ulster was happy about it!). She emigrated to the U.S. when a youngster, then back to Ireland as a teen, then back again to the U.S. — primarily because of “The Troubles” in the early ’70s. So, I’ve heard many stories on both sides of the conflict.


    1. Thank you, Leo! I hadn’t come across this lovely website before. I can’t wait to read all the back articles!

  2. David: This has whetted my appetite for Scottish history as well. The book I mentioned is comprehensive, from pre-history up through the ’90s. Never been to Scotland but a friend from Italy tells me it’s even more beautiful. Love Jean Redpath, Old Blind Dogs and Tannahill Weavers. Our name is in the south I think between Edinburgh and Glascow; my mom’s name MacKenzie up in the north I think? Also love rain and cold and haggis I imagine.

  3. Roger: No I haven’t read any of those- except for a little bit of Robert Burns, but I have a hard time understanding him I’m afraid, in terms of all the unfamiliar Scottish words. Jean Redpath has put out a number of Burns records.

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