13 thoughts on “Monday, May 15, 2023

  1. Well, Roger, I don’t know if we have an admirer or a tongue-in-cheek troll, but in any case it doesn’t look like he/she is going to win any popularity contests around here 🙂

    1. With all deference to the established right to parody, I think that particular typer may be emblazoned (to paraphrase Woody Guthrie) “This Machine Creates Straw Men.”

  2. Kinda reads like something ChatGPT would write, doesn’t it? Whether it’s AI or human, I take exception to the use of the term “white liberalism.” I’ve said that I support classical liberalism which, in its early days, was definitely a product of an overwhelmingly white western civilization, but I believe that good ideas should be available to everybody, regardless of who happened to originate them.

  3. I’m glad nobody has pointed out that I misspelled cannon. I blame the mistake on my lazy editor.

  4. I noticed that 🙂 I can be pedantic, but unless there are a lot of mistakes, I give folks a pass when a) I know they’re good spellers and b) when they’re our age. My eyes aren’t what they used to be, to mention only one part of the aging body.

  5. Re: Ben Lerner: There’s an excellent book-length essay by him (86 pages) published in 2016 called ‘The Hatred of Poetry’ that I would recommend to anyone who loves poetry.

  6. “Full of piss and vinegar” or “spit and vinegar” for those not foul of mouth. I wish I’d never written the former phrase, and the same goes for “the leaden prose of academe.” That one really got me in trouble. The piss and vinegar thing, I don’t recall the exact context in which I used it, but I note that American Slang defines “full of piss and vinegar” thus: Brimming with energy; very peppy and assertive, (which doesn’t describe me at all) and gives an example from The Village Voice.

  7. Arkansas piss and vinegar, at that. (I wonder how that differs from New York piss and vinegar?) In my case I found it interesting that the typer left out “pro-choice,” perhaps because that didn’t fit the right-wing stereotype that troglodytes like me are supposed to fit.

  8. Well done to whomever typed up the Eurovision slate! Congrats to Sweden — a cultural victory, followed by NATO membership, one hopes.

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