3 thoughts on “Tuesday, May 16, 2023

  1. Jackie, You are on a roll at your typewriter! Adam, sounds like good work on the house. We are contemplating taking out the carpeting in our old house (1922) and sanding and refinishing the craftsman wood flooring that all the houses in our neighborhood possess. I will have to mention “underfloor insulation” to my husband. Our basement is pretty spacious; at least iy was easy for us to earthquake retrofit with bolt to the foundation and sheerwall etc. We also replaced NEW insulation when we had our new roof installed last year. 30 year Warranty.

    1. Thanks Catalina. It’ll be well worth the effort in the end I think! We also had a roof replacement done last year; it would have made sense to do the ceiling insulation at the same time but there were too many moving parts and other complications as it was. It’s on the list for our next collection of work.

    2. Thanks Catalina, I appreciate your noticing, and I am on a roll! I have no idea where this little story is going but here we go! It’s so nice to just sit down and type! I could probably do with a bit more editing before posting, but for now, just producing seems to be key, so I’m going to roll with it.

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