3 thoughts on “Friday, May 19, 2023

  1. Claire, I presume – Though I understand not a word, today’s page transports me back to college (and not in a good way) — the Writing for Publication seminar in which I alternately pleased and appalled my old-school instructor.

    Drafts frequently looked like that page, if one was lucky. For the unlucky, a huge red “X” through entire pages with a pithy “Cut” scribbled left of center. Ah, the nightmares, still.

    1. I’m not the author of the text. It’s an literary analysis of Alfred de Musset’s autobiographical novel La confession d’un enfant du si├Ęcle, written in 1834. In this extract he describes his regular fights with his lover (Brigitte in the novel, George Sand in real life).

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