4 thoughts on “Friday, June 9, 2023

  1. I’m continually struck by the many unintended parallels between jvc’s memoirs and The Unrequited Love of James Tribulatis, both in their own ways brilliant commentaries on the realities that Xicano refuses to let us fall asleep over.

  2. welcome back, LaDonna, you are always such a welcome presence on these pages. loved your description of allowing yourself to be wholly loved, from the inside. “on that same day i loved myself wholeheartedly without judgment, guilt, or shame.” what beautiful, powerful words. if only more of us could feel them and not just read them on the page. american science is gradually shedding some of its puritanical shackles and catching up with the life-changing experiences many have had with magic mushrooms. michael pollan’s how to change your mind is a good overview.

  3. welcome back, ladonna. your presence is always so welcome on these pages. “i allowed myself to be loved wholeheartedly without judgment guilt or shame” is such a beautiful sentence–if only more of us could feel this, really feel this! american science is gradually shedding its puritanical shackles when it comes to research on the life-changing potential of magic mushrooms. see michael pollan’s book, how to change your mind.

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