8 thoughts on “Friday, November 17, 2023

  1. As far as moderation, I don’t think that “pointed” postings are a bad thing, even if they make some people uncomfortable. I’m for freedom of expression. The problem, which is reflected in the culture at large, is that moderation has been applied very lightly (or not all) for some postings that clearly violate the guidelines, while other posts are moderated very closely, presumably so that people in certain groups would *not* be made uncomfortable. Then we are told, somewhat smugly at times, that this is a free and open space.

  2. Re: the toilet post — you may label it ‘humorous daydreaming’ but please note your own casual racism.

    “[S]ome middle-aged cadre of white males,” “my imaginary cadre of white paranoids.” I don’t think most people use racial modifiers in their fanciful government conspiracy theories.

  3. !&?, I hope your house recovers and everyone is back to good health; including the caretaker.

  4. !&?, I hope everyone in your household recovers quickly and is back to good health soon; including the caretaker.

  5. The one that’s just random letters…I like that…it’s a message in random letters…good stuff!


    Beau is essential

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