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It all begins with one typed page

It’s simple really. A page of type. That’s all it takes. If you’ve got a typewriter, you’re a writer for One Typed Page. Even if it’s not a whole page, write half a page, a quarter, a haiku perhaps, whatever it takes to get you working brain to finger to keys to slug striking paper making an imprint on paper.

Now comes the challenge. Sure, all this sounds good in theory, but are you ready to put it into practice? If these were normal times, keeping these rough typed pages to yourself might be best. I mean, who wants to read that rubbish, right? However, right now, it’s not rubbish. It’s life. It means you’re alive, thinking, breathing, writing. If your only purpose right now is that one typed page, that’s all that matters. We want to read it.

Send us your page. Snap a picture with your phone. Then use the submissions form to upload it. Each day we’ll post what we get. Send as often as you want. But don’t just stop at one. If not for your benefit, then perhaps your page will inspire others to say yes to life. We won’t post your name. You can include it on the typed page if you want, but otherwise you’ll be anonymous.

(Need more information about typewriters, then head over to my blog, Typewriter Review.)


While it’s the intention of this site to provide hope & healing, pages submitted may claw at your nerves, cause bouts of asphyxiation, dizziness, drowsiness or excitability. All content submitted will be covered by Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 4.0, unless otherwise noted by the author.


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