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Feeling a need to get something out on a typewriter, but can’t quite muster one typed page of your own?

One Typed Quote features bits of wisdom struck onto paper, and sent flying into the internet like digital messenger pigeons.

Before you open a new tab on your web browser to check out all the fun, OTQ is exclusively on Instagram!

So grab your phone, type a quote, snap a photo and tag it with #onetypedquote.

Follow #onetypedquote or if you prefer a more curated experience, follow @onetypedquote.

Here’s how to join the merry coterie of quoters:

  1. Pick a quote.
    From a book, movie, song, poem—doesn’t matter so long as it’s brief and beautiful.

  2. Type it.
    On Paper, with a typewriter. Include the author and source.

  3. Share it.
    Take a pic (square is ideal) while it’s still in the typewriter, then post it on Instagram with the hashtag #onetypedquote and the typewriter’s make/model/year (if known) in the caption.

  4. Or email it.
    Send the pic to to be shared on the @onetypedquote Instagram account. Include your first name otherwise you’ll remain anonymous.

OTQ is curated by Chad Comello.

Don’t have a typewriter? Email your favorite quotes to and they’ll be turned into OTQ treasures.

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