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Send us your page. Snap a picture with your phone. Each day I’ll post what I get. Send as often you want. But don’t just stop at one. If not for your benefit, then perhaps your page will inspire others to say yes to life. I won’t post your name. You can include it on the typed page if you want, but otherwise you’ll be anonymous. (If you really want to keep it private, I recommend setting up a new email account with any of the freebies and send it under a made up name.)

Send your one typed page to:

(Large resolution from your phone, or around a megabyte for attachment)


While it’s the intention of this site to provide hope & healing, pages submitted may claw at your nerves, cause bouts of asphyxiation, dizziness, drowsiness or excitability. All content submitted will be covered by Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 unless otherwise noted by the author.


Want to include a photo or an image to supplement your typed page? We’d love to see it! It’s best if you took the photo or it’s an image you own. But that’s OK if it’s not. If the image is under copyright, seek permission from the owner. If that’s not possible, it may still be used under the fair use doctrine. Fair use often allows the use of images without permission within the context of written pieces that are considered commentary, criticism or parody. For example: you wrote about how Bob Marley’s album, Uprising, still resonates today and you included an image of the album cover. While it’s not necessary under fair use to cite the source, it makes it clear that you’re not claiming the photo/image as your own and giving credit where credit is due.

Whether the image is under copyright, Creative Commons, public domain or unknown provenance, if you found the image on the internet, include a link to the image and the name/nickname/username of the creator or owner.

Finally, consider the readers who find solace and healing within One Typed Page. While we welcome all typed pages, it’s easy for readers to skip a page if the style is not to their liking. It’s hard to skip images. And for that reason, if the image wouldn’t be shown to a class of first graders, it won’t be displayed on One Typed Page. If that type of image is critical to your piece, we’ll link to it with an appropriate warning.

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